SOMS (Service Operating Model Skills) is a new framework designed by experts from the Centre for Service Management at Loughborough University to help specify the skills required for organisations and individuals to effectively design, implement and maintain operating models.

SOMS supports organisations that deliver management training by auditing their material against the framework; these accredited organisations can then award their own SOMS certificates to clients and staff. SOMS-accredited organisations have their training material, delivery and assessments audited and are registered with SOMS for two years.
Accreditation process
To become accredited organisations need to have their operating model training audited and join the SOMS community by paying a fee.
Elements of SOMS
The SOMS framework consists of seven elements derived from practitioner and academic expertise.
Registration to SOMS allows a community of operating model innovators to build supported by a link to academics in the field.
Operating model definition
The idea of an operating model has emerged from practitioners and is outlined here.

What is an ‘operating model’?

The operating model is the operational design that makes it possible to deliver the business strategy. It is the blueprint for how an organisation operates across a range of domains to deliver its objectives.

Benefits to gaining a SOMS qualification

Advantages to accredited organisations
  • Be confident that you are covering the appropriate range of materials for training people in operating model design, implementation and maintenance.
  • You have the ability to award certificates that adhere to an academically developed framework provides a competitive advantage to the accredited organisation.
Advantages to certified individuals

There are three levels of certification: Foundation, Practitioner and Senior Practitioner.

  • Foundation - Demonstrates you have attended a course and passed an assessment comprising all seven elements of the SOMS framework
  • Practitioner - Demonstrates your ability to apply SOMS to your company’s operating model and that you have competed two projects typically over 18 months (or one large project) that addresses all of the seven SOMS elements
  • Senior Practitioner - Demonstrates your ability to lead a major operating model design or redesign typically over two to three years

Join the SOMS community

The Centre for Service Management at Loughborough University will maintain a database of accredited companies and registered individuals. This will allow a community of operating model innovators to build. The link to the research centre then allows relevant research to be commissioned and current research to be integrated into the SOMS framework and practitioners thinking.