Exploring the concept of an operating model

The concept of an operating model has come to the fore in operations management research in the last five years. Much of the available material about operating model is published by consultancies and there has been little academic focus on the definition of an operating model. In the recently published paper, Operating Model: An Exploration of the ConceptDr Nicola Bateman examines the concepts of an operating model, to provide a meaningful definition and framework of an operating model in a management context. The paper explores the current literature about operating models; discusses the different elements of existing operating models; and provides a new method for auditing operating models. The paper also discusses how operating models are linked to other operations management and management ideas, and the challenges of implementing and maintaining operating models.

Symptoms  of a Poor Operating Model

An Operating Model workshop took place at OEE Consulting’s Future of Service Conference November 2015. The attendees were asked “How can you tell that your Operating Model design needs fixing?” The delegates combined responses were collated into a table for the use of other operating model practitioners.