OEE Consulting is the leading specialist in operations transformation and improvement. Headquartered in Oxford, they have a global reach, with consultants and trainers working worldwide across multiple disciplines and languages.

“Our partnership with Loughborough University has enabled us to develop a class-leading programme in operations design. By combining our proprietary operating model design methodology, our learning and development expertise, and Loughborough’s robust SOMS framework, we have been able to deliver something truly unique. RBS have already seen some great results from their training, using their new expertise to effectively link business strategy and service proposition across a number of projects. This has delivered benefits in cost reduction and customer experience which traditional improvement techniques simply could not have achieved.” Mark Bilney - Director, Learning & Development, OEE Consulting

The Design of Service Operations training programme was developed in conjunction with Loughborough University. Click below to find out more.


“The holistic nature of SOMS has allowed a flexible approach that fits with our needs. The SOMS framework enabled us to create a learning journey that has been supportive in guiding our thinking in designing and maintaining our operating models, we have now have over forty people certified to foundation level and six people trained at Practitioner level. Whilst this is still a relatively new addition to our existing skillset we are already starting to see some tangible benefits through it’s application and seeing the new knowledge being turned into capability. I have no doubt this will benefit our business and our customers in the long term.” - Martin Bartram - Service Optimisation Manager, RBS

Ashridge Executive Education

Ashridge Executive Education has delivered specialist courses on strategy execution and organisation design for 15 years.

"The course Designing Operating Models was launched in 2013 to focus on the link between strategy and operations. We have been in conversation with Loughborough University to compare our approach with the SOMS framework and with the way the SOMS framework has been taught at Royal Bank of Scotland. We see the two approaches as highly complementary with the longer course allowing for more case work, tools and discussion of process."  Andrew Campbell - Director,  Ashridge Executive Education